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Zinat Sanu Swagota has carved a space for herself in the showbiz industry through her remarkable acting and singing skills over the years. Known for her striking confidence, she has many successful television ventures to her credit. Currently, she is also the anchor of the cinema-centric show, Shonali Diner Rupali Golpo, on Bangla Vision. We recently caught up with the artiste to find out more about her work. - A home for your website

What are you currently busy with?

I am mainly busy with one-hour tele-fictions at the moment, as I have wrapped up the shooting for my television serials. In fact, I just got back from Indonesia, where I shot for some of these one-hour programmes, for which I have teamed up with both upcoming and established directors of the industry.

Tell us about the kind of characters you portray in these one-hour tele-fictions.

I shot one of the tele-fictions on a cruise and we all had a fantastic time. I play a woman who goes to the cruise to look for her lost housemaid. In another tele-fiction, I play the role of a thief. It is really exciting for me as an actor to be able to bring such different characters to life.

Nowadays, many actors are taking up web films and serials. What are your comments on that?

It is great that web films and serials are becoming more and more prominent in our fraternity and I have received offers for several web-based projects. However, right now, my priority is working on movies. Television has given me many opportunities as an actor but at this point in my career, I am preparing myself for films.

What can you tell us about your current projects in music?

I perform in a weekly musical programme held at Afsana Mimi’s school, Ichchhetola, in Uttara. Singing in front of the kids is an honour for me.

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