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Prime minister Sheikh Hasina made the list of top 100 global thinkers as the famous United States-based Foreign Policy journal came up with a register of world leading thinkers. ‘Sheikh Hasina has responded to the greatest security challenge facing Bangladesh with generosity. - A home for your website

Rather than turn away the approximate 700,000 Rohingya who fled persecution in Myanmar, Hasina welcomed them and allowed them to remain in her country,’ the journal wrote justifying their decision for incorporating in the list of its Current Issue: Winter 2019.
Sheikh Hasina was named among the 10 top global thinkers in the category ’Defence and Security’.
Referring to the background of the list, the Foreign Policy said that they selected the leading global thinkers cautiously considering their stake in shaping the world mind.
’In a year of worldwide economic crisis and dangerous wars, of radical innovation and newfound realpolitik, street revolution and blunt rhetoric, we could think of no better way to make sense of it than through the big ideas of those who shape our understanding of the world,’ the article read.

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