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Audience-admired actress Shamima Tusty has recently acted in a new film titled ‘Gouro’, which has received a government grant. Directed by National Film Award-winning director GaziRakayet, it will be the second government grant big screen venture of the actress. - A home for your website

Alongside directing the film, Gazi Rakayet has also portrayed a lead role. Shamima Tusty has played in the role of Gazi Rakayet"s wife.

DhakaLive has news the actress has already completed her works in the film.

About her performance, Shamima Tusty said, “In the film, every artiste had to deliver their dialogue both in Bangla and English, along with their performance twice. We tried our best to make our performance as lively as possible. For this, I am hopeful about the film"s outcome.”

Earlier, the actress made her debut in the film industry with the film "Shopnodanay" directed by Golam Rabbani Biplob, which received a government grant as well.

Apart from this, Shamima Tusty has completed a television commercial under Asim"s direction last Thursday. The actress is waiting for the release of her film "Hasonraja" directed by Ruhul Amin, where she shared the screen with Mithun Chakraborty.


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