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Dhaka-based documentary filmmaker Humaira Bilkis’s creative documentary film titled ‘Garden of Memories’ will be screened tomorrow at 5pm at Goethe-Institut in the capital’s Dhanmondi area. - A home for your website

Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, in collaboration with International Film Initiative of Bangladesh, is organising the film screening and discussion space as a part of the monthly film screening programme "Through Her Eyes".

The initiative gives film enthusiasts, film students, academics, film professionals, funding agencies, broadcasters, rights groups and journalists a regular opportunity to watch films by women filmmakers currently working in Bangladesh and to interact with them directly at the end of the screening.

The story of "Garden of Memories" is about a tea community"s mundane life where old chieftain Padmoluv awaits his death and often reminisces the past controlled by colonial masters. Young worker Sojoy, feels trapped, but continues the grind. However, School drop-out Chandan wants to elude the exploitation. Every plant in the garden is a mute witness to the unsaid stories of their lives. In death, struggle and escape, these characters become the archetype of entrapped tea garden worker in Bangladesh.


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