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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir today alleged that various law enforcement agency members are threatening voters who are in favour of “Sheaf of Paddy” against going to polling centres on election day. “I am doubtful whether the people’s hopes and expectations will be reflected in the elections,” Fakhrul said while addressing a programme at a park in Bogura town this morning. - A home for your website

“We are going through a war like situation. To keep us away from the election, we are continuously being repressed and oppressed. But despite all this, we will not quit the election battle,” Fakhrul said.

He also came down on the Election Commission (EC) heavily for its “partisan” acts. A level-playing field has not been ensured yet, to ensure the elections are held in a credible and participatory manner, he said.

“The Election Commission has been made into a stooge as the law enforcement agencies dont pay heed to its directives. The commission itself endorsed it,” he said.
Citing “misdeeds and mismanage” of the government, Fakhrul said the countrymen want changes through the upcoming general election to get rid of the prevailing situation.

The government has assured them that they would not arrest any opposition party men without any reasons but it did not keep its word, Fakhrul said.

Responding to a query, the BNP leader said army deployment with magistracy power is indispensable in holding the national polls in a free, fair and credible manner.

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