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Celebrated actor-director Salauddin Lavlu and talented actress Tareen are set to make their presence in one frame during the Eid-ul-Azha. The duo will appear in a special tele-drama titled ‘Foyezu Munshir Narkel Gach’ directed by Himu Akram. - A home for your website

In the drama, Foyzu Munshi sets up a mini cinema hall in his tea stall, where he shows Bengali films on DVD. One day, during the show, Foyzu’s wife Setara sends a message from home that the coconut tree beside the house is crying!

Foyzu comes home with an exorcist. The exorcist declares that this is a supernatural coconut tree. If barren women eat the bark of this tree, they will bear children and diseases will be cured too. The story moves forward from such an interesting point.

Lavlu has played the role of Foyzu Munshi, while Tareen acted as his wife Setara.

About the story, Lavlu said, “Though the character of Foyzu Munshi is very funny, the viewers will get another story at the end of the drama.”

Director Akram said, “Foyzu Munshi’s coconut tree is the modern implementation of superstition in the society. But the end of the story is quite different.”

’Foyezu Munshir Narkel Gach’ will be aired on RTV during Eid-ul-Azha.

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