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Indian School of Business (ISB) is keen to partner with Bangladeshi business, academic and public institutions to help enhance their capacity to accomplish tasks in a smarter way. - A home for your website

The ISB, a top ranking institution on the global stage, is also interested to provide training to Bangladesh Railways officials together with Indian ones to develop their management expertise and turn the sector here into a profitable one using the best practices of the neighbouring country.

In an interview with the news agency recently at a hotel in the capital, ISB Dean Prof Rajendra Srivastava and its External Relations Director DNV Kumara Guru also said they are looking for a suitable academic institution here for jointly holding an annual Bangladesh-India Business Dialogue to bring people from government offices, industries, media, universities and other stakeholders and policymakers of the two countries together and share their experiences.

"I don"t think it"s enough to work hard. We"ve to work smarter to have an outstanding success. That"s one of the things ISB is trying to do with its programmes. We want to work closely with our neighbours in the subcontinent towards that goal," Prof Srivastava said.

He said India and Bangladesh can learn many things from each other by sharing their best practices, and ISB is eager to work as a platform for it.

Prof Srivastava said they are now focusing on how they can learn from Bangladesh and contribute towards exploring the areas of cooperation. "So, we"re on a learning journey."

He said ISB started its journey with Indian private sector 18 years back and earned overwhelming global reputation.

"For the last 5-6 years, we started working closely with the government. We"ve programmes on public policy where we bring very senior officials like joint secretaries and deputy secretaries and other officials and we get them work with the private sector over many issues relating to infrastructure development, healthcare, energy and even agriculture and agriculture supply chain," the ISB Dean said.


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