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Under the banner of ‘Danger Free Roads and Safe Accommodation’, family members of the victims of Chawkbazar fire formed a human chain in front of the National Press Club in the capital yesterday to press home their 11-point charter of demands. Families of the victims of Churihatta fire demanded jobs as well as financial compensation as they demonstrated for an hour starting from 10:00am. - A home for your website

During the human chain, president of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA), Syeda Rizwana Hasan, said, “It is a great inhumanity to the victims of Chawkbazar fire to be standing on the road today in order to get help.”

She demanded support for the affected businessmen by paying compensation from the building owner.

She also said, “Permanent employment should be arranged for the victims. Appropriate compensation should be paid to them who have lost their earning members.”

Affected businessmen and family members of those killed and injured in Churihatta fire were present at the human chain. Apart from this, around 40 volunteers from various organisations also participated in the human chain.

Their 11-point demands are: each family of the victims must get sufficient financial assistance; government should bear the educational and medical expenses of the children of the victims; one of the family members of the victims should be given a government job as per their qualification; the businessmen who suffered losses in the fire should be compensated adequately; the injured people in the incident should be given free treatment and financial assistance; gas cylinders should have proper expiry dates and use of expired cylinders must be banned; government should take initiative to train people who live or work in high rise buildings; buildings must be build following the rules and regulations of RAJUK; chemical and flammable objects should be stored in safe places; loading and unloading of gas cylinders at random places must be stopped; and a safe and threat-free environment should be ensured for the people.


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