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Three diarrhoea affected children were killed and many others admitted to the Noakhali General Hospital in the last week. The deceased were Rahan, a six-month-old child, Shilpi, one-year-old, and Rima, a five-day infant. - A home for your website

The doctors said the sudden change in the weather pattern; the burning sun, excessive sweating, and dehydration are increasing health risks to children. As children are very vulnerable to weather change, a little fluctuation in temperature can cause several problems in their system leading to cough, fever, dehydration, and diarrhoea.

According to hospital sources, three children affected by diarrhea died and 890 were admitted in the last week in Noakhali General Hospital.

A visit to the hospital revealed that diarrhoea-affected patients especially children and women were crowding the hospital and the doctors were struggling to tackle the surge in patients.

With limited beds in the hospital, the patients took their place in the floor of the hospital. Due to lack of adequate nurses, bed and medicine, the hospital authorities could not provide proper care, several patients alleged.

Nur Jahan, who came from Subarnchar upazila with her daughter named Lima, said her daughter became sick due to sudden unfavorable hot weather. For better treatment, she took her daughter to the hospital but they did not get any seat for her child to admit.

“We are poor, and don"t have enough money to get my daughter admitted to the private hospital,” she said.

Jesmin Begum, a diarrhea patient alleged that she could not get proper treatment at the hospital due to lack of adequate medicines and doctors.

When contacted, Sayed Mohiuddin Azim, Resident Medical officer (RMO) of the hospital told The Independent that from on April 12, the hospital is receiving a huge number of diarrhea affected patients. The doctors and nurses are trying to provide proper treatment.

“More than one hundred patients were admitted to hospital. Though there is a shortage of the number of doctors and nurses, we are trying our best,” he said.

He said both adults and children are equally affected by diarrhoea. There is a need to make people aware of the importance of drinking safe water and eating safe food.


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