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The number of patients suffering from diarrhoea in Kalapara of Patuakhali is increasing gradually. Over the last one week, more than 100 patients including children and elderly men and women have been taken to the hospital for diarrhoea treatment. Many of them have been taken care of at the hospital’s outdoor department. - A home for your website

Every day, new diarrhoea patients are being admitted to the 50-bed hospital, deepening the crisis. As a result, many patients have been made to lie on the hospital floor. Besides, the hospital is facing a shortage of medicines and is unable to supply medicines to the patients.

According to hospital sources, on Thursday morning, Saiful, 35, Moksedul, 28, Abdul Rahim, 17, Chaiti, 11, Tasin, 1, Samira 9, were admitted to the hospital due to diarrhoea. From April 4 to April 11, 69 diarrhea patients, including children, men and women of different ages, have been treated. However, the relatives of patients complained that they had to purchase all the medicines from private shops.

Nurses said there was a shortage of Ceprocin, Meteronidazol and colera saline at the hospital.

In all the cases, patients are being treated under various conditions. Many of the diarrhoea patients have been accommodated in other wards. One-year-old Tasin is suffering from diarrhoea. He lies on his mother"s and weeps all as there is seat for the baby.

Najma Begum said her son developed diarrhoea and had to be brought to the hospital. But the child did not get a seat. The mother and child were given place on the floor. No medicines were being given from the hospital. Her child is being treated with medicines bought from private pharmacies.

Jayadev, father of diarrhoea-affected child Chaiti, said that there was a tremendous pressure of patients on the hospital. So, his daughter, too, has been space on the hospital floor.

Abu Taher, the hospital"s acting storekeeper, said that patients were under stress due to inadequate treatment capacity. The department authorities had been informed of the crisis, he said.

Nursing Supervisor Fouzia Khanam said that from Amtali and Taltoli Upazila were also being treated at the hospital, adding to the pressure. According to her, 69 patients had been admitted to the 50-bed hospital since Thursday morning.

Kalapara Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr Chinmoy Howlader said, so far, there were no severe diarrhoea cases. Those who had been admitted were being given treatment, though there were certain problems due to a large number of patients.


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