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The Times of India on Saturday published a news that says a pro-Islamic State (IS) Telegram channel has released a poster in Bengali language which says, ‘coming soon’, indicating that the IS could be planning an attack in either Bangladesh or West Bengal. - A home for your website

According to the Times of India, sources in an intelligence agency confirmed that the Bengali poster in question was in fact being circulated and that the agency was investigating the matter.

Released on Thursday night, the poster reads "Shighroi Aschhe [coming soon], Inshallah...". The poster also features the logo of a group called Al-Mursalat.

"Agencies have taken the poster seriously as the IS has just carried out deadly serial blasts in Sri Lanka through local .. outfit Tawheed Jamaat", the Times of India reported.

But, TOI did not attach any image of the so-called poster.

However, a poster resembling TOI"s news has been found on Twitter. But, the caption of the image is saying a different story altogether.


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