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The cattle markets in the capital have started to gain momentum ahead of ensuing the holy Eid-ul-Azha to be observed in the country on Monday. The city dwellers have started to throng the makeshift cattle markets across the city from this morning, especially after the Jumma prayers. While paying visits to some of the cattle markets in the city’s Gabtoli, Uttar Shahjahanpur, Kamalapur Stadium, it was found that the supply of the local cows and goats were in plenty. - A home for your website

Talking to some of the buyers and sellers of sacrificial animals, it was learnt that the small and medium-sized cows are among the choice list of the religious muslims as they are preferring bulls ranging from Taka 50,000 to Taka 70,000. According to the Local Government Division sources, some 24 cattle markets have been set up in the capital in different areas from Wednesday while buying and selling of animals would continue in those markets before the Eid day.

Besides, the veterinary doctors are examining the health of the cows, goats and buffaloes at the entry of the cattle market. While paying a visit to the Gabtoli cattle market, it was found that the bulls, buffaloes, goats, camels and lambs were in sufficient numbers with the price of the bulls ranging from

Taka 50,000 to Taka five lakh as the goats ranging from Taka 8,000 to Taka 25,000 on average.

Besides, three camels have arrived at the Gabtoli market with separate price of Taka 14 lakh, Taka 16 lakh and Taka 17 lakh.

Owners of the camel, M Azad Rahman said, “These three camels were bought from India and many are enquiring about the price of these.”

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