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Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda has claimed the December election will be competitive as everyone expected. None of the nomination seekers in 300 seats have ‘violated’ the election code of conduct, Huda said as he expressed his belief that the Dec 30 election will be a participatory one. The CEC spoke during a training workshop with government officials who will perform election duties. “We expected this to be a competitive election which has been fulfilled. We expected a participatory election and the overall environment has been created for that.” - A home for your website

The nomination submission ended on Wednesday. There have been 3,079 nominations submitted for 300 seats throughout the country, according to the Election Commission.

The participation of the BNP and its allies in the election was uncertain before the schedule was announced, as they had boycotted the 10th election. Finally, all of the parties are contesting the election.

The BNP is still vocal in expressing their non-confidence in the EC but top leaders have pledged not to quit the election under any circumstances.

“Influential” candidates went to the returning officers offices and submitted the nominations in a disciplined manner, said Huda. He expressed his satisfaction on the overall election environment.

“No-one has violated the code of conduct as they came to submit the nomination. No-one has entered the office with more than seven people. Its true some of them had a bigger number of supporters accompanying them but the supporters were waiting outside. It wasnt like a showdown.”

The EC earlier gave directive not to bring along more than seven activists and supporters to the offices of returning officers and assistant returning officers. Punitive action will be taken in case of any procession or showdown.

As the candidates have followed the directive, Huda hoped the following steps in the election process will be done perfectly.

“I believe we have created an environment where it is expected that those contesting the election will abide by the code of conduct and those election officials working in the field will cooperate them,” he said.

There was no violence or confrontation throughout the country during the nomination submission. The candidates have submitted the forms in a pleasant environment, the CEC said.

“People from different political parties have embraced each other when they met at the returning officers offices. This shows the foundation of democracy.”

“Those of you wholl be working at the field level must be aware not to prevent the hope and aspiration of the candidates. It is your duty to explain it to the presiding officers, assistant presiding officers and polling officers. Youre the ones to train them,” he told the election officials.

A list of more than 700,000 polling officers has been prepared, said the election officials. They will be appointed 10 days prior to the election.

Director General of Electoral Training Institute Mostafa Farook also spoke during the inaugural ceremony of the two-day workshop.


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