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Russia has reportedly built military barracks on the Etorofu and Kunashiri islands, two of four Russian-held islands. - A home for your website

Russia controls the islands. Japan claims them.
The Japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of Japan s territory. It says the islands were illegally occupied after World War Two.

Russia s state-run TASS news agency reported on Monday that the defense ministry revealed four new housing complexes on the islands.

It says 188 households are expected to move into them next week.

The report says two similar facilities are scheduled to be built in Etorofu and one in Kunashiri next year.

Homes, schools and sports facilities for the people on the islands will reportedly be renovated, bringing the total number of construction and repair projects for military personnel and civilians to over 200.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke to reporters on Monday about negotiations on a peace treaty with Japan.

He said that the signing of a peace treaty based on the 1956 declaration means Japan has fully recognized the results of the Second World War.

However, he added, Japan is not ready to do that.

Lavrov reiterated that Russia is not illegally occupying the islands, but that they became Russia s territory based on the outcome of the war.

Russia s presidential office says it is making adjustments with Japan to hold a bilateral summit on January 21st.

Russia s latest moves and Lavrov s comments are believed to be an attempt to keep Japan in check ahead of the possible meeting

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