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The heroine who represented Bangladesh in the global film industry for the first time, she is none other than Babita. The internationally-acclaimed artiste is best known for her performance in Satyajit Ray’s ‘Distant Thunder’, a novel adaptation about the Bengal famine of 1943, which won the Golden Bear prize at the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival in 1973. - A home for your website

Today is the birthday of this multiple National Film Awards winning actress.

DhakaLive has news that unlike last year, the actress is now in Bangladesh on her birthday and will spend the day in her own style.

Last year, Babita celebrated her birthday with her only son Anik in Canada. But this year, the actress will miss her son as well as two of her sisters, Suchanda and Champa—two popular actresses of the country’s film industry—on her birthday as they are currently staying abroad.

About her birthday, Babita said, “As a Muslim, I believe we come to this world for a certain period of time. As we were born, we have to die. So, nowadays, birthday means (to me) we are going one step closer to death.”

Some of Babita’s notable films are ’Shukhe Thako’, ’Taka Anna Pai’, ’Shorolipi’, ’Manusher Mon’, ’Pich Dhala Path’, ’Noyon Moni’, ’Jonmo Theke Jolchi’ and ’Anarkoli’.

She also acted in a number of joint-venture movie projects in her career, such as Canada-Bollywood-Bangladesh joint production ’Door Desh’ in 1983 (Gehri Chot - Urf: Durdesh in Hindi) opposite Nadeem Baig (actor) and also Pakistan-Bangladesh joint venture film ’Miss Lanka’ (Nadaani in Urdu) in 1985.

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