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BNP leader Nazrul Islam Khan has said the Jamaat-e-Islami also has freedom fighters as members and he sees no problem in nominating their leaders for the election. “Let us assure you that we will not allow any war criminal to use the ‘paddy sheaf’ symbol,” Nazrul said at a news conference in Dhaka on Thursday. - A home for your website

Journalists then asked him what it would do about the leaders of the Jamaat, a party which opposed Bangladeshs independence during the Liberation War and has been branded by the International Crimes Tribunal a criminal party, who have got the green light from the BNP to use its paddy sheaf logo.

“Weve already said that we wont let any war criminal use our symbol. Whats the problem in allowing a person to use our logo if he has not committed war crimes?

“And there are freedom fighters in the Jamaat as well,” Nazrul claimed.

The BNP has nominated the brother and son of two war criminals to run in the parliamentary elections.

The Jamaat was responsible for war crimes, such as mass killings, rape and looting across the country in 1971, the war crimes tribunal said in different verdicts.

Several Jamaat leaders have been imprisoned and hanged for the atrocities committed during the Liberation War.

In 2013, the Supreme Court declared the registration of the Jamaat illegal, ruling that the party is unfit to nominate candidates for general elections.

It also recently lost the right to use its weighing scale logo, which is also the symbol of the Supreme Court.

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