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A total of 82,500 students who passed the Primary Examination Completion (PEC) exams will get scholarships for the next three years. Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) sources said the successful candidates of PEC and equivalent exams will get the scholarships from the first week of March this year during their ongoing studies in Classes VI, VII and VIII. - A home for your website

Out of these students, 33,000 students will receive scholarships under the talent pool category (Tk 300 per month) and 49,500 will get scholarships under general category (Tk 225 per month).

The DPE sources further said they were preparing the list of scholarships for the students based on the results of PEC and equivalent exams held in 2018. Under the general category, six scholarships (three girls and three boys) will be given in each ward of a Union Parishad and municipality.

The PEC exams started in 2009 and the Ebtedayee exams began the next year. After the introduction of PEC examinations, scholarships are doled out among meritorious students based on the highest marks.

DPE director general Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal said, “The scholarships are given on the basis of best performance in the PEC and equivalent examinations. It is an incentive to resist drop out of students, increase the rate of attendance in classes and for equal distribution of merits.”

“We have found that as most of the students get scholarships, it helps to enhance the quality of education at the primary level,” he added.

“Earlier only a handful of students were picked up from the classes and they were trained for the scholarship examinations. Others were deprived of it. But that system has been erased. Now all students have the opportunity to get scholarships based on their results,” he added.

Kamal said the results of the scholarships would be published in the first week of March this year.

The results of the PEC and equivalent examinations were published on December 24, 2018. The average pass percentage was 97.59 per cent in PEC and 97.69 per cent in Ebtedayee examinations.

A total of 3,095,123 examinees appeared for the PEC and equivalent examinations from November 18 to 26 last year.

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